Date: 3/04/2018 | Region: UK

FFC Training - Primary Production Inspections on Farm, 9th May 2018

FFC Training

A One Day Workshop

Primary Production Inspections on Farm

” Food Hygiene at Primary Producers- 

A facilitated workshop for sharing experiences and challenges”

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Wednesday 9th May 2018

This one day workshop has been arranged by Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. to provide an update on Food Hygiene Primary Production Inspections on Farms. This workshop is suitable for any authorised person who is responsible for administering and enforcing the provisions of Food Hygiene Legislation in relation to Primary Production. It will be of benefit to experienced officers and also for the less experienced and those entering the professions as training and guidance.

The workshop is designed to assist enforcement authorities in ensuring that hygiene requirements are maintained in relation to production and handling of fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV) and covers the good hygiene practices and good agricultural practices involved in the production of FFV at the primary production level, including associated operations, with the purpose to control the risk of contamination with chemical or microbiological agents with the potential to cause illness through the consumption of FFV.

The EU Food Hygiene Regulations extend the 'farm to fork' approach to food safety legislation and apply to food businesses throughout the supply chain.

Farmers and growers, as primary producers, need to follow good practice and manage their operations in accordance with the legal requirements.  

It will also be of importance for the staff of Quality Assurance Schemes.

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