Training - Planned Courses & One Day Workshops


Food Standards: Risk Scoring  

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Thursday 22 March 2018

(5.5 hours core CPD)

This one day course has been arranged by Food and Farming Compliance provide invaluable guidance on Food Standards Risk Scoring. It will assist food standards enforcement officers to determine the food standards intervention frequencies of food businesses within their areas using the risk assessment criteria in the Intervention Rating Scheme, and help develop their planned food standards intervention programs.
It will outline the changes to the Food Law Code of Practice published in March 2017 in relation to the facilitating of consistent interpretation and approach by local authority officers delivering official controls, specifically in relation to risk scoring; by updating advice and clarifying the risk descriptors used in the food establishment intervention rating schemes
The course has been designed for officers who are new to the concept of Food Risk Scoring but are familiar with the general aspects of the Food Safety Act and those who require structured training to help promote their competency in this area.

FFC and CenTSA

Five Day Animal Health and Welfare Residential Course

“Inspection, Licensing and Enforcement”

Rednal, Birmingham, 21st – 25th May 2018
This five day residential course jointly arranged by CEnTSA and Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. is intended for those officers appointed to Local Authority and Central Government departments and Agencies and to the FSA Official Control Personnel who are charged with administering and enforcing the provisions of animal health and welfare legislation. It will also be of importance for the staff of Animal Charities and Quality Assurance Schemes.
The course will serve as an initial and refresher training; however, it is advisable for delegates to have about 6 months experience of working in this capacity. Although this course is not a specific DCATS revision course, delegates may find this course of benefit in preparation for the Animal Health and Welfare DCATS exam as the course will cover some of the elements found in the Animal Health and Welfare DCATS syllabus.


A One Day Course

Product Safety – Regulatory Affairs


Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Tuesday 12th June 2018 

This one day workshop has been jointly arranged by Food and Farming Compliance Ltd. and The Welsh Heads of Trading Standards (Product Safety Group)
UK and EU product safety legislation places a clear obligation on market surveillance officers to carry out competent product risk assessment where any non-compliant product is detected. This risk assessment is intended to inform the discussions between the market surveillance authority and relevant economic operators with a view to agreeing the appropriate corrective actions to protect public safety.  If agreement cannot be reached the market surveillance authority’s risk assessment must be robust enough to support any action which it may require economic operators to take using the powers contained in the General Product Safety Regulations, the Regulations and Accreditation of Market Surveillance Regulations and aligned harmonised regulations.
Following a number of high profile corrective actions, the way in which market surveillance authorities conduct this process is in the media and public spotlight. Market surveillance authorities must be able to demonstrate that their risk assessment process and outcomes are proportionate to the risk presented by the product or products and that they are requiring and following up the proportionate corrective actions.